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Wed Mar 1 19:33:09 CST 2000

IL-CNMs - I would love to be part of this! - but will be on my way to a
meeting (for the OSU-CON - in Florida, no less!)  I look forward to hearing
how it goes!!  Joyce

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OK Ladies,  I've scheduled a live web chat for all of us this sunday
March 5th at 7:00pm.  You will need to sign on a little early to
and sign in.  This may require a download of the MSN software which
take only 2 minutes or so.  When you go to the website www.msn.com,
People & chat at the top.  Then select Channels (on the top left) and
Chat.  Next select Join a Chat (on the left Column). At some point you
also have to pick a "nickname" for yourself.  Make it obvious, i.e.
Feldmann might be a good one for myself.  That way we will be able to
ID everyone online. You will also have to type in the name of the chat
want to join.  It will be      Illinois CNMs.  It will be listed in
Category Peers.  
Now mind all of you that I have never done this before so this is a
experiment, but if it works, it could be loads of fun.  Any CNM
(including Joyce!) can join us.  I hope to see you Sunday eve online! 
me Luck! PenCNM

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