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It's me again! Here is a little more information on the Gala and what is 
involved. Any one interested? Please let Gail or I know. Thanks! Kandy 
Webster, CNM

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>Forgot to attach the other message I promised.  Here it is.
>  I am writing to let you know of the combination of the State -Wide APN
>bi-annual meeting and the Gala Ball Fundraiser.  The APN council is
>offering an all day seminar with the Gala Ball dinner and fundraising event
>in the evening.  The money raised will benefit the APN treasurey for
>advancement of the Rules and Regs and legal issues that arise.  This is an
>opportunity for ALL APNs to come together and celebrate and network.  I am
>the chair of the Days event and would like to extend an invitatation to you
>and the CNMs involvement in the development and implementation of this
>program.  The goals for the Educational Gala Ball are to iinvolve all
>disciplines of APNs.  Please let me know if you are able to be a part of
>this great opportunity!  If you know of others who may be interested in
>participating, please pass their name to me and I will invite them to join
>us.  Thank you very much, if you have any questions please contact me.
>Work 217-222-6550 ext 3249, home 217-223-0430.

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