[IL-CNM:834] Re: Anyone know her?

BETH2SNOOP at aol.com BETH2SNOOP at aol.com
Wed Mar 22 19:24:34 CST 2000

Actually I do.  Kathy is  the Clin SPec. in my unit.  She is on the side of 
Midwifery!  She was trying to drum up information for our pending meeting.  

Thank you to all who helped forward information.  I was successful in 
maintaining my delivery privileges without any new stipulations. The only 
change was in the person who performes my case review.   Many of my patients, 
other Md's on staff, and RN's wrote letters to offer support.  I also had the 
assistance of a wonderful lawyer -- Steven Harris.  He actully found a legal 
statute which stated that an MD does not need to be present when the CNM 
performs a delivery.  So thanks to you all for your help!!!

Ps  Did you all see this week's nursing spectrum?  HCFA just stated that 
CRNA's may be re-imbursed for their services even when a MD is not present! 


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