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I'm involved in a similar battle.  Your victory is heartening.  Could you
tell me how I could find this legal statute.  It might help my case.

Joy Wayman  kgbmack at intrnet.net

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> Actually I do.  Kathy is  the Clin SPec. in my unit.  She is on the side
> Midwifery!  She was trying to drum up information for our pending meeting.
> Thank you to all who helped forward information.  I was successful in
> maintaining my delivery privileges without any new stipulations. The only
> change was in the person who performes my case review.   Many of my
> other Md's on staff, and RN's wrote letters to offer support.  I also had
> assistance of a wonderful lawyer -- Steven Harris.  He actully found a
> statute which stated that an MD does not need to be present when the CNM
> performs a delivery.  So thanks to you all for your help!!!
> Ps  Did you all see this week's nursing spectrum?  HCFA just stated that
> CRNA's may be re-imbursed for their services even when a MD is not
> Beth

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