[IL-CNM:848] jelly beans -Reply

Rosemary Meganck rmeganc at wpo.it.luc.edu
Tue Mar 28 11:24:53 CST 2000

Boyd, KL; Ross, EK; Sherman, SJ. 1995. Jelly beans as an alternative
to a cola beverage containing fifty grams of glucose. American J of
OB/Gyn 1995 Dec; 173 (6): 1889-92

Conclusions: 18 regular size jelly beans may serve as an alternative a
beverage containing 50 gms of glucose

I have been reluctant to try this. It seems to me that some jelly
beans may contain more/less than 50 grams. You might look at the
package of jelly beans to see if it lists the grams of sugar? In my
practice I contacted a dietician who gave me examples of 50 gram
carbohydrate breakfasts. If the pt cannot tolerate the glucola, I tell
her to get a fasting BS, eat this diet and return 1 hour later for a 1
hour post-parandiol. 

Sample breakfasts w/ 50 grams:
1. 1 large bagel w/ peanut butter or cream cheese = 50 gram

2. 2 pieces of toast w/ jelly and a medium size piece of fruit = 50

3. whole Eng muffin w/ jelly and 6 oz fruit juice = 50 grams

I have not seen any evidence that substituting  a FBS and 1 hr post-p
is equivalent to the usual glucola screen so I am not suggesting this
should be offered to all women. But it she cannot tolerate the
glucola, I am at least somewhat reassured by this substitute and I
think it's at least as reliable as jelly beans and sends a more
positive message about healthy eating.
Just my 2 cents, Rosemary

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