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We call out tubs "hydrotherapy" tubs. I do not know all the details
but have been told that we are "in touch" w/ DPH about tub births in
relation to the Certificate of Need. I think the idea of needing
legislation is a joke! We deliver women in bathrooms, on the floor, in
hands and knees, and even in their own homes. We don't have a law that
allows a women to deliver sitting on the toliet or in teh back of the
taxi cabs either but they do. Do we need legislation that allows for
any deviation of a "traditional" birth position?! Being in the tub is
simply one more of the hundreds of ways to do it. This stuff gets
sooooo out of hand it makes me sick! But the ugly reality is that we
may have to deal with this as a group. Lets keep each other posted but
the less DPH knows the better.

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Dear Rosemary,
Those stats look OK to me. Welcome to our world.
Also we were told today that the State of Ill. does not allow birthing
We had to break it to the pompous ass who said this that Loyola and
Northwestern ( the Mecca) already had built in tubs.  Oops! What did
call your tub, and did you deal with the State at all? This guy said
have to put forth legislation---immagine house bill 666-Waterbirth. 
We said
that the battle has already been fought and we should just rename our
Please advise.

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So, I just finished calculating our stats for the first year we have
been in practice. I used the ACNM Summary Data Collection tool. We had
9 deliveries total including 1 primary planned C/S for complete previa
and 1 VBAC. We had a total of 277 pt visits. We have not calculated
our % of GYN pts but I think it's in the neighborhood of 40%. In
addition to the 9 that were delivered, we had 3 early preg losses and
3 pts transferred to outside providers (usually d/t insurance change)
No NICCU babies but 1 mom who was trans to MD care PP for PIH.
Not the best stats but the curve is going in the right direction.
I know ACNM wants the info, but does anyone know where/who I send it

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