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Thanks So much Rosemary! I had high hopes that you would respond. I do not
know the law very well, but did not think this was the case. I also
understand hospital by laws may vary. It drives me nuts that people say it
is a Law without even knowing it is.
I will definately have the hospital look it up in the by laws.
Cathy Cook, CNM MSN

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As far as I know there is no LAW that requires an MD co-signature on
anything. I do know the APN Act like the back of my hand and have read the
Hospital Licensing Act. The only thing that they may be refering to is
according to teh Hosptial Licensing Act only an MD can admit a patient to a
hosptial. Therefore the admitting order needs to be signed (although there
is no time restriction). Also JACHO (which is NOT a law by any means) says
that the admitting H&P needs to be signed by an MD or in the caase of
delivery, the prenatal H&P is acceptable.
It drive me crazy when people assume something is a LAW when it's not but
just for extra caution, your hosptials By laws may have further
Rosemary Meganck
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> I was told today that it is Illiniois "LAW" that the physician on call's
> name must go before the CNM's name on all orders.
> I know we discussed co signing charts and things before here on the list,
> but I want to know if this truly is a "Law". I asked to be shown the
> law and was told they didn't think they had it. I then said that if the
> hospital is required to follow a certain law, procedure, policy etc, then
> they must have a hard copy someplace and I wanted to see it. If it is a
> fine and dandy.... but if it isn't, well, I just resent being told it is
> without seeing it.
> I know different hospitals require different things in regards to back up/
> consulting etc. But a LAW????
> Now, I am not the complete hell raiser, but just get a bit miffed when
> someone starts quoting "THE LAW". Seems just another way to set us back
> again. I asked what the CNMs do that are not employed by a physician and
> was told "they would have to have a cosigner of some sort to get
> Anyone have thoughts on this?
> Thanks.
> Cathy Cook, CNM MSN

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