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Darryn Dunbar ddunbarcnm at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 16 10:24:06 CDT 2001


I don't know about the non-Palm OS software.  What I
know of is the Palm OS software devices (Palm and
Visor) and those are both capable of handling the
"medical" type software you are referring to.
I know there are database programs that you can create
your own birth log, etc.  The PDR, herbals, etc, etc. 
There's an EDC calculator (maybe more than 1 type) but
I don't like it...I'm a purist and ALWAYS use Nagele's
rule to calculate the EDC and it uses its own internal
"wheel" and sometimes is off a day or two...ARGGH!

They great fun though and so convenient.  I was
carrying a big old 8.5" x 11" binder/planner that was
always overpacked w/ garbage.  This keeps me free of
all that junk!

Get one!

Darryn :-)
--- Linda Graf <lgraf at wpo.it.luc.edu> wrote:
> I have the same questions regarding palm pilots, and
> palm pilot OS compatables versus the Hewlet Packard
> windows versions. Which version has more of the
> 'medical' type software that we as CNM's would use? 
> I've heard that it is hard to share software from
> the 
> non-palm os compatable versions.  I have no real
> clue however...
> What software programs and/or other add ons has
> everyone found to be useful?  Linda G.

Darryn W. Dunbar, APN/CNM, MS
Director, Midwife Associates of
Norwegian American Hospital
Chicago, IL
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