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At ACNM this year the big group from Michigan spoke on a billing and coding
workshop.  Alot of questions in regards to billing incident to.  Also
specific questions in regards to billing for first assisting.  If you are
credentialed, you can bill for this service.  On private pay--it is good
reimbus.  On some occasions you may have to provide proof of CEU for first
assisting.  I did for Health Alliance.  If you get into gyne cases, it pays
    She also said that if you are a one doc, one CNM practice, and bill
incident to, that the MD can bill for surgery, he can also bill for a first
assist, they just put CNM ASSIST by the billing info, and they get paid.
They have been audited for this and it was found to be okay, not fraud.
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> MD I was emplyed by previously billed for me for 5 years as surgical first
> asst. I was in surgery every week for gyne cases.
> Therese Doyle. None of it was IDPA.

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