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That's awesome, Linda...KUDOS!  The circle of life continues...
  Love ya,
Darryn :-)

LGrafCNM at aol.com wrote:
          Linda who had the honor and privilege to help one of her 'first homebirth babies' deliver her first baby, a 9-15 boy in the tub at West Sub with only a few periureathrals after only 12 hours of labor!!! Even the nurses were stunned...(Thank-you Hillary and Gayle for helpin my dream come true...)
  Keep the faith.....
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      We have not had the money as an organization to market effectively     That is the problem     We need Superbowl type commercials   Maybe we should start a national contest  to develop a good midwife commercial  
  I have a busy practice but would really enjoy reaching those clients that want a “midwifery birth”   They end up with the docs because the midwife experience is considered “less than”   or as above – just not known   We do a great job with vulnerable and indigent clients, empowering them and caring for them   What is less appreciated is that we are the Cadillac of birth care providers.  I ask people if they want “Nancy new nurse” with them throughout their labor and birth or a Master’s prepared nurse-midwife that knows them and appreciates them. It is truly a “Hyatt” experience to have nurse-midwife (at least most of the time) vs  Econo lodge service  No disrespect to my labor nurse friends but hey have no time to do true labor support and their duties are getting more cumbersome by the minute      My docs are great  but they  even admit that my attendance at the labor and birth makes a real difference .I think most midwives make a huge difference 
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  As long as there are mothers upon the birth stool there will always be midwives


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