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  Two things...
  I don't think the purpose of the "midwifery model" discussion was to decide who the real midwives are.  It was more of a commentary on the livelihood of the hallmarks of midwifery care in the present healthcare system.  I think the good that came from that was that we are all bringing midwifery to women wherever we are.
  Second, can you tell us more about why ISAPN is not supporting this bill.  From how you, Jewel and Sarah have worded it, it makes sense to support it.  But I am also curious why our state professional organization is not on board.  That causes me concern.  If anyone can shed light on why that is, that'd be great.
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Barb Havens <BarbHavens at comcast.net> wrote:
  Now that we've had the 'Midwifery Model of Care' flushed out,.... I'd 
like to move us to another area for discussion. It's not that I 
haven't enjoyed reading everyone's input on just who the real midwives 
are, but it has confirmed to me that most of us believe deeply that we 
are being very true to our profession and are making a big difference 
in women's lives. In this state, CNMs have contributed to the world of 
obstetrics/gynecology in profound ways these past 40 years, and I feel 
so lucky to be one of you all.
I now want to focus your attention to the Midwifery Licensure bill, 
SB385, which was introduced 2/7/07. This will provide licensure for 
midwives of Illinois as CPMs; these are the midwives who have been 
working in the 'shadows', providing home birth throughout the state. 
Some are great; some not so great. THis bill will establish criteria 
for licensure, qualifications, professional conduct, rules, etc. 
Personally, I am in support of this bill. I have read statements by 
Sarah Simmons and Jewel Maeda, two of our home birth CNMs and they make 
very compelling statements to why we should support this. This bill 
will provide better access to home birth and be safer for the consumer. 
On the last ISAPN legislative alert, they have stated opposition to 
this bill.
So.........read this bill; You can access it online at www.ilga.gov 
and then look up Senate bill # 385. I would like your feedback on it, 
as well as to what our role and response (CNM and CNM chapter) should 
be. If this passes, the largest challenge will be to educate our 
legislators about who is who, as well as the general public. I 
believe there is a role for both CNMs and CPMs in this state and that 
women will have more choices and better access to the care they desire.
We are having our own 'lobby day' in Springfield on March 21st, and I 
want to make sure that we have clear statements written out about who 
everyone is in this dialogue about CNMs, APNs, and CPMs.

Sorry this got so long. Hope to see a lot of you on Tuesday, the 

Barb Havens 

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