[IL-CNM] low lying placenta?

Grace Athena grace980701 at yahoo.com
Thu May 3 22:11:31 CDT 2007

Hello listwives-

Thank you for your input on this topic. 

The pt in question has decided to proceed with a
c-section in a few weeks (or sooner if the baby or
bleeding decides). She's been on quite a roller
coaster these past few weeks, and I shared with her
all of the responses I got. It's much more important
to her to have a c section with providers she knows
(our backup, who she loves; and me first assisting)
than to have a vaginal delivery with strangers. 

In particular, the research reports showing the
difference between >2 cms and <2 cms helped to
reassure her that she's making a sound decision.
(Thank you Barbara!) Getting another scan only has the
potential to give her information that wouldn't change
her decision. 

I'm sad at the idea of an unnecessary c section, but
it's a decision that she and her husband are
comfortable with. Also, they have expressed a few
times that after this baby, their family is complete.
I might be more strident about avoiding a c section if
I thought she'd have to fight for a VBAC later.

Thanks again!!

Jennifer Gagnon

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