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> Date: 11 May 2007 18:28:29 -0000
> Subject: [BirthLink] Legislative Action Needed
> Immediately
> Dear Homebirth and Midwifery Supporters:
> We have gotten the news that the House Registration
> and Regulation committee intends to kill our bill
> unless we take additional action.  We are
> considering another amendment, but in the mean time,
> we need EVERYONE to write a letter to the
> individuals on the Reg and Reg committee, even if
> their own Rep is not on that committee.   We must
> produce a packet of letter for each committee
> member, just bursting with letters from you -  the
> midwives, doctors, doulas, childbirth educators and
> families who are effected by the homebirth crisis.  
> This should be a very simple letter to produce. You
> can recycle a previously sent letter and just change
> the date and add a few lines as listed below, or you
> can start fresh. If starting fresh, please pick up
> pen and paper, and then read the rest of this email.
>  You'll be done before you know it!
> These letters should be addressed to “Dear Committee
> Member:”
> In the following sentence or two, identify yourself
> as a homebirth consumer or supporter.  
> Next, unless your Rep IS a committee member,
> indicate that you are not one of their constituents,
> but that it is your understanding that they
> represent the interests of all the people, the whole
> state, when working in committee.   
> Express your deep desire to see that your own state
> Representative is allowed to vote on this matter. 
> Ask the Committee members to PLEASE allow Senate
> Bill 385, the Midwifery Licensure Act, Senator
> Haine's bill,  to get to the floor so that your Rep
> can weigh in.    If your Rep is a committee member,
> remind them there are many families in addition to
> you, many of whom are not their constituents, but
> are depending upon them to help make homebirth birth
> safer for them.
> Give some sort of plea to help the families who
> choose homebirth have a chance to have a safer
> experience, or access to all safe maternity care
> options, or something similar.
> Sign off and send via email to Jiandra at aol.com.   If
> you have a fax machine, please fax to 630.369.2456. 
> Please do not use a cover sheet.  If you have no
> fax, please drop a signed copy in the mail to
> Coalition for Illinois Midwifery, 901 E. Krage
> Drive, Addison, IL 60101
> We will take all these letters and distribute them
> in a packet to the Reg and Reg committee members
> early next week. 
> PLEASE HELP US, please write and help us show the
> State Medical Society just how strong we are!
> Thank you,
> Rachel Dolan Wickersham, CD, LCCE
> President, Coalition for Illinois Midwifery
> Jiandra at aol.com
> 630.750.9444
> ?
> Thank you so much BirthLink members! Without your
> commitment to the network we would not be able to
> support and promote improvements in the way we birth
> in America. We support choices in childbirth so
> families can have safer more satisfying birth
> experiences. We are a member based organization. We
> welcome new members.
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