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Peter Kale's email address is Peter.Kale at carle.com

On May 21, 2007, at 3:32 PM, Julie Harrison wrote:

> Barb can you share his direct email address? Thank you
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>> Dear Colleagues,
>>     I just received this email from Peter Kale, the current
>> President of ISAPN.  I am copying it all to you for your information,
>> responses, etc.  I am still a little unclear as to what is actually
>> happening with this bill (SB 385).  I just received an email this
>> morning stating that it has not been voted on in committee yet.  Any
>> clarifications from those of you more intimately involved in
>> Springfield or with this bill?
>>  Thanks,
>> Barb
>>  From Peter Kale:
>> Barb,
>> I was quite surprised to return Friday after all day Thursday in
>> Practice Act negotiations with ISMS and then see your email and  
>> several
>> others from CNMs regarding this issue - primarily because ISAPN  
>> was no
>> longer opposed to SB 385.
>> There was never an objection to this midwife role. Initial  
>> concerns and
>> questions were resolved with improved language and amendments,  
>> resulting
>> in a better bill. Our opposition was removed last week while the bill
>> was in committee. ISMS still opposed the bill and it died in  
>> committee.
>> My understanding is ISMS will work on the bill over the summer which
>> indicates eventual passage of the measure likely. ISAPN will stay
>> involved as needed.
>> I am concerned about how this sudden email campaign last week  
>> played out
>> based on misinformation. Rosemary Meganck has been active getting the
>> correct information out about the process, as well as how desired
>> legislation can best succeed in Springfield in the future.
>> I am glad you contacted me, too. My worry is how to "un-ring" this  
>> bell
>> of a now negative view of ISAPN by many CNMs that is based on  
>> incorrect
>> information. I believe your assistance in this is needed.
>> Though there are not many CNMs in ISAPN (48 out of the 342  
>> licensed in
>> Illinois) ISAPN has been a benefit to the profession with our work
>> getting 100% IPA reimbursement; and current negotiations regarding
>> credentialing and Schedule II privileges continue with the NPA  
>> Sunset.
>> Perhaps this is an opportunity to demonstrate the need for CNMs to
>> participate in the state APN organization as so much of their  
>> practice
>> is affected by state legislation. I would love to see this type of  
>> CNM
>> response in the future for the NPA or other bills regarding APN
>> practice.
>> --Pete Kale APN/CNP
>>   ISAPN President
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