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I agree with Therese.  We need to get behind ISAPN just like we do ACNM.  As a charter member of ISAPN, I have been stimulated by the diversity of APN practice within the organization. I also want to emphasize that we owe 100% reimbursement for IDPA to their efforts.  They also provide regular educational programs in each Region. I attended their annual meeting last year, but I was one of the few CNM's there.  I would love to see more CNM's  become members of ISAPN and get involved.
  Marla Bagge

Therese Doyle <tdoyle at midwestmidwifery.com> wrote:
  HI All - I have to say I am proud to be a part of a group of colleagues
who can bring differing voices to the table without attacked. I have to
tell you.....I fantasize about being able to provide the home birth
option myself. Many days I try to imagine a place where I can really
provide midwifery care free of the burden of OB dept rules and
malpractice issues - maybe a remote village somewhere??? Mark my words
one day you will find me working someone in a developing
country:)....anyway, back to the reality of 2007 in suburban Chicago....
I aam NOT opposed to homebirth - I always support this option for women
and I agree it is nearly impossible to find a midwife who can or will
assist a woman at home. I do understand that - I just want to be sure
that we can bring all voices and points of view forward so that this can
be well thought through and discussed. If we can do that as a group of
professional colleagues there may actually be more support for this bill
next time around. So ... thank you to those who have responded for doing
so gracefully - I haven't felt attacked by any responses. We must all
feel free to be honest I think .

I must add some support to ISAPN. Anyone billing for IDPA owes ISAPN a
HUGE measure of gratitude for all of us receiving the reimbursement that
is the same as the physician reimbursement as we bill under own our
names and titles. I was fortunate to have accompanied Rosemary Meganck
to Springfield when the arguments were being made at the highest level
with state legislators and IDPH folks & ISAPN reps - ISAPN was
instrumental in representing us and fighting for this increased
reimbursement and recognition by IDPA - so please before you pull your
dues and or support - know that you may lose some very critical
representation on the state level for other issues - or at least we'll
lose CNM support.

Thanks for your graceful responses - hope to see some of you at

Therese M Doyle, C.N.M.,M.S.
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Your concerns about identity confusion are valid, but
this is not unique to midwifery. After all there are
three ways to become an RN, and then there are RNs,
LPNs, CNAs and APNs who all call themselves "nurses."
So this is just part of life and we will always be
explaining who we are to the public. I'm ok with that.

Also, this bill is not about lay midwives but about
CPMs. Lay midwives are women without credentials who
attend births. CPMs have met numerous requirements and
taken an exam to receive certification which is
recognized by 22 states. So this is about granting
licensure to a type of professional who will meet a
public health need that is not being met by CNMs or

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