[IL-CNM] Vaginal pain and rectal fissure

Phyllis Sommer cnmsommer at yahoo.com
Wed May 23 09:27:49 CDT 2007

Bernice: How old is this mom? You may suggest getting a Colonoscopy. I know a woman who's only problem was a rectal fissure and she was diagnosed with colon cancer. aged 40.Phyllis

Bernice Keutzer <bkcnm at yahoo.com> wrote:  Last October, a first time Mom originally from Peru, South America
had her baby with me.  Nice birth.  We did end up with a skid mark,
but no repair.  Small hemhorroids visible externally, but they did
not seem to give any trouble initially.

  A couple of weeks later, she started having hard BMs and rectal
pain, both with the stools and between.  I gave her the usual comfort
measures but also suggested she see her primary caregiver if it
continued.  He found a rectal fissure, and she has been battling it
ever since. She has been on special diets (very restrictive), but
even though it heals, then it opens again.  Oddly enough, it got
better while they were visiting her family in Peru in Jan/Feb, but
then started up again once they got home.
  As if this weren't enough, she also has severe vaginal pain
now ("feels like knives in the vagina").  I could not see anything
externally, but when I saw her the end of January, could not do a
full pelvic exam (only to 2 knuckles in).  The pain seems to be all
around the vagina.  Her doctor was not able to find anything.  She
has been checked for yeast and also tried med and herbal remedies for
yeast in case it did not show up on the wet mount.  I sent her the
article from the Nov/Dec 2006 JMWH on Vulvodynia to see if anything
in there fit, but that didn't seem to shed any light either.

   Her husband (North American) has always behaved kindly to her in
whatever I have seen, loving and patient in every interaction when I
have been around, and I do not get any vibes of anything else in this

  I'd like her to see a gynecologist who is knowledgable will do more
than just blow it off.  Do any of you have anything else for her to
try?  Any recommendations for someone who is likely to be able to
help her?  She is not too far from Joliet.

   She wonders if the rectal will ever heal and stay healed - any
experience here?  I've heard they are difficult.

  Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom,

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