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If I may weight in even though I am no longer in Illinois nurse midwife - I have practiced in New York where we had licensed midwives and now Colorado where we have professional midwife licensure. In both places it is much easier for the licensed certified professional midwives to access tools like ordering labs, ordering ultrasounds, and transferring patients to a nurse midwife or physician openly and with records. Also, here in Colorado, the professional midwives as part of their licensure have specific guidelines the disallow them from caring for patients with high blood pressure, twins, breech presentation, among a myriad of others on the list. They also have their own board and their own review process. They, like we APN's here in Colorado, have independent practice (one of the reasons I left Illinois was because we APNs did not have independent practice and it was hard to work so hard to try and still watch the legislative process fail us every single session). 

In Illinois it was almost surreal to know that I was backing patients up for their homebirth with a professional midwife whose name I could not even speak aloud for fear she could get caught and risk #1 her arrest and #2 her not being available for the many people that used her services because our home birth nurse midwife got so busy so quickly and had to turn patients away. There were also a nurse and a doula in my town in IL who hired themselves out as midwoves to do homebirths. Since there aren't any standards for CPMs without licensing, they got away with this. Getting records of care with even the fore mentioned professional midwife was impossible. And having patients show up at the hospital in labor who had been attempting a homebirth with no record or report from professional to professional was disconcerting at best. I realize I was rare in that I would back up a patient who was having a homebirth with a professional midwife. But in my opinion, it's not about who's a better care provider nor who has more training, it's about safety for moms and babies. Again, I think we could probably all agree that a homebirth attended by a professional midwife is always going to be safer for mom and baby than an unattended home birth. And 'planned family birth' was what I was seeing more and more of in our community in and around Bloomington, Illinois shortly before I moved a year ago. 

Just my $.02.

Jolene in Colorado (but my heart will always partly be in IL and still rooting for APN independent practice for IL from afar)

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> On Sep 26, 2015, at 15:06, Cynthia Mason <cynthiamasoncnm at gmail.com> wrote:
> In response to Deb and the list serve,
> I believe Amy is correct that on 6 states, CPMs are illegal - in 26 states they are "allegal" or without regulation. I worked in Ohio for a time where lay midwives as they were known then practiced in the shadows, I also worked for a brief stint in South Carolina where LMs (licensed midwives) practiced. My limited exposure and interactions with the LMs was amazing. They collaborated and had a great relationship with the CNMs. 
> I completely and wholeheartedly agree with Amy,Barb, etc. that helping our CPM sisters and brothers being recognized in the state would help with the accountability issue.
> Cynthia Mason
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>> On Sep 26, 2015, at 06:16, Debbie Boucher APN, CNM <midwife2015 at yourbirth.com> wrote:
>> Amy, I think you missed a digit. Shouldn't that be 1 out of 26 states that don't license CPMs?
>> I agree with Sarah about the educational inconsistencies. I would feel more comfortable supporting CPM licensure if there were better standards. 
>> Thank you Rita for answering my question about supervision. I'd like to hear from more CNMs. There are a lot of CPMs in Chicagoland. Who will be available to provide supervision? Because you know the MDs won't do it. They won't sign collaborative agreements for CNMs. 
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